The Training for Tomorrow team consists of former Police, Military and Firefighter personnel with experience in all aspects of saving lives. We are a Team of Current and Former Public Servants who wish to continue serving. Our trainers have been involved in several “active shooter” situations within our agencies over our careers and are skilled to prepare your Team, should they encounter one of these unforeseeable/unthinkable situations.

We Train and Prepare for Today, Tonight, Tomorrow and our Future. Our experienced instructors can provide you with the training you need in the workplace, school or other venues to prepare, respond and survive an active shooter event.

Eric Augustus

Experienced Instructor

Skilled in Intelligence Analysis, Emergency Management, Law Enforcement, Intelligence, and Physical Security.

Strong education professional with a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) focused in Business Administration and Management, General from Nova Southeastern University.

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Michael McKinney

Michael McKinney has enjoyed a twenty five year career in Law Enforcement, rising to the rank of Lieutenant of the Hollywood Police Department.  Mike has been assigned, led, and supervised  a variety of fields, from Patrol, Special Operations, Narcotics and Vice Intelligence, Street Crimes, Detective Bureau, and School Resource Officer Units.

Mike has served on the Hollywood SWAT Team as Assistant Team Commander, as well as Commander.   Mike is a certified Naval Instructor for Military Sealift Command personnel, instructing civilian Merchant Mariners for the past twenty years in watch standing, small arms handling and qualifications, shipboard reaction force tactics, and shipboard security.

Mike is a graduate of the University of Louisville with a Bachelor of Science in Police Administration, a Bachelor of Science in Correctional Administration, and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Nova Southeastern University.

Highly accomplished, award-winning career reflecting 30 years as a Certified Police Officer promoted to the rank of Sergeant with extensive experience in law enforcement operations and training.  Richard Truntz has specialized expertise in the areas of Vice, Intelligence and Narcotics operations supervising undercover operations and Detectives assigned to High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (H.I.D.T.A.) involving  Federal O.C.D.E.T.F.  Narcotics Undercover Operations, Money Laundering, Homeland Security, Joint Terrorism Task Force, Gang Investigations and Pharmaceutical Drug Diversion/Emerging Drug Trends.  Other areas of Supervision include SWAT/Sniper operations/training and Departmental Liaison to the United States Secret Service Dignitary Protection Team providing security for the United States President, Vice President, World Leaders and other Government Dignitaries.      

Richard Truntz is a State Certified General Instructor that conducts training for local, state and federal Law Enforcement Agencies as well as educational training for local public schools and citizen police academies.    

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Comprehensively trained Police Officer with 30 years of experience working with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. Significant expertise in training sworn officers, non-sworn and civilian employees in multiple facets of the law enforcement profession.

Detective Penton has been assigned to the Road Patrol Division, Plain Clothes, Training Unit, S.W.A.T. and prior to retirement was assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division working in Robbery and Auto Theft.

Collateral duties included being assigned to the SWAT team (23 years). Duties included, team leader and trainer in tactics, rappelling, shooting, intelligence (gathering , processing and disseminating), physical conditioning, distraction/diversion devices, chemical munitions, specialty impact munitions and breaching (manual, ballistic and explosive). Conducted High Risk Arrest and Search Warrants, Dignitary Protection Details, Barricaded Subject(s) and Hostage Rescue.

Assisted the Department with in-service training to include firearms transition training, emergency vehicle operations, active killer and other high liability subjects.

Currently instructing at the Miami Dade School of Justice as a high liability instructor.  Subject areas include EVOC, Firearms, Defensive Tactics and general subjects, 1995 – current.

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Michael McBride is an active serving member of a South Florida Police Department in a major metropolitan area.  He has served in the capacity as a Canine handler, Street Crimes Unit Detective, and has served on the Department’s SWAT Team since 1993. He is currently assigned as a Violent Crimes Detective tasked with locating and apprehending wanted Fugitives. He is an active operator on the SWAT team who serves as an entry team member, explosive breacher and is one of the Team’s training coordinators.  In his tenure he has been involved in multiple deadly force encounters and has been cited for his service on multiple occasions. Michael is certified as an instructor in the following areas:

Firearms Instructor
Tactical Medical Instructor
Active Shooter/killer Threat Instructor
Less Lethal Instructor
Noise Flash Diversionary Device Instructor
Taser Instructor


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